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A small step for UAVs, a giant step for ATC

If someone needed further proof that unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are becoming an integral part of the global aerospace picture, here is another one - Simlat, a leading Israeli manufacturer of UAV simulators, has announced a collaboration with Adacel, including integration of Simlat’s UAV training systems with Adacel’s air traffic control (ATC) simulator.Adacel develops very advanced […]

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Revolution and evolution – side by side in the UAS world

The revolution that unmanned air systems (UAS) have brought to the modern combat arena is accompanied by a parallel evolution in the operation of these weapons. However, this process is multi-layered and requires many changes.The Israeli aerospace and defence industries are a main source of all types of UAS, and as such also develop the […]

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UAS simulators – Israeli solutions for a booming market

Air forces around the world have increasingly incorporated simulators during the past 20 years. Machines range from desktop models to huge, moving versions housed in hangars. As a natural development, the number of simulators that help train unmanned air systems (UAS) operators started to grow five years ago. It is only the beginning.If one assumes […]

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