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Apache simulator back in business

A venerable Apache helicopter simulator has been reborn for the use of the Israeli air force. The simulator, manufactured by LINK, was recently transferred to a new location in the USA, and is helping to train IAF pilots on this type of helicopter. Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter pilots operated dozens of mission above the Gaza […]

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“Simulation Land” at the IAF Hazor air base

The Israeli air force’s “operational simulator” has been officially opened. When you hear the word “simulator”, you likely think of the cockpit of an aircraft that allows pilots to train on reacting to different situations encountered during a mission. The operational simulator at the IAF Hazor air base is something else. It’s a huge simulator […]

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Simulation not only for pilots

The Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) inventory is stretched to the limit, with training and operational missions every day. To keep aircraft in top condition, technicians must be able to solve problems within minutes.The IAF’s technical school graduates are considered top-notch in their field and after leaving the force, they are snapped up by airlines, not […]

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