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Terror in the Sinai and a threat to aviation

One look at the map of the Middle East will tell the story – a giant threat to the air transport across a very wide area. The Sinai desert – which is part of Egypt – has turned into the “greenhouse” of extreme Islamic terror. If Al-Qaeda is the buzzword for hundreds of independent terror […]

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UAS effective against ‘short-lived’ targets

This is this kind of story the details of which are guesswork. But even if it is only partially true, it speaks of the meeting point between unmanned air systems (UAS) and terrorists. The story: an Israeli air force armed UAS reportedly struck an Islamic Jihad rocket launching squad on 9 August in the Sinai […]

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Israel and Egypt – looking through the keyhole

This problem is unique and characterises the fast-shifting situation in the Middle East.   The unstable situation in Egypt is a cause of great concern to Israel. Since the peace treaty between the two countries was signed in 1979, the Israeli defence forces (IDF) have considered Egypt not as a friendly country, but rather as […]

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