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South Korea buys Israeli-made UAS – and now UAS-detecting radar?

First South Korea decided to purchase Israeli-made unmanned air systems (UAS) – now Seoul is evaluating the purchase of Israeli-made radar systems that can detect small, low-flying UAS operated by North Korea. South Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration officials recently visited Israel to review these radar systems, and a decision is expected soon. Seoul has […]

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The war behind the war – interceptor vs laser

Even after the impressive success of the Rafael Iron Dome rocket interceptor, there are still some people in Israel – in the defence establishment and outside it – that dream about a laser-based defence system against rockets. This has been a real war between two totally opposed approaches – one that said that only a […]

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One-pass rescue – the thin line between life and death

A downed pilot. The enemy is searching for him before rescue can get to the area. The difference between life or death – or between torture and getting back home within hours – depends on the swift locating of the hiding pilot, in what is in many cases “complicated” terrain.Israel, unfortunately, has vast experience with […]

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South Korea and Israel – ties warm up after “freeze”

The defence ties between Israel and South Korea have been considered “history” after KAI lost the contract to supply its T-50 advanced trainer to the Israeli air force (IAF).The South Koreans were disappointed and angry at what they called “not a fair game”, that led to the selection of the Aermacchi M-346.However, recently the South […]

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The price Israel pays for US military grants – getting higher?

The price Israel pays for receiving an annual defence grant from the US is getting higher.   The grant involves buying only US-made weapon systems, so most of the money goes back to the US. At the same time there are many “strings attached”, and these are made of premium steel.   From time to […]

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