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Will the boosters boost Spyder sales?

The user has not been identified, but the Israeli-developed surface-to-air Spyder air defence system – based on two air-to-air missiles – has won the “combat proven” sticker. With the fast proliferation of unmanned air systems (UAS) – some of them armed with warheads or missiles – armies need mobile, fast-deploying defence systems. Israeli missile manufacturer […]

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Missiles’ building blocks enable multi-usage

Air-to-air missiles become surface-to-air and now there are indications that surface-to-air will become air-to-surface and, in the future, surface-to-air may be attached to wings of fighter aircraft. Confused? This transition may look strange at first glance, but to the Israeli missiles manufacturers it seems to be the right development. At first, Rafael revealed an effort […]

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Multi mission multi platform missile

If there is still anyone that does not accept the fact that aerial platforms have lost their importance compared with the systems that are on that platforms, he should visit Rafael, the Israeli company that developed some of the best air-air missiles on the market today. Rafael said recently that it is developing a very advanced “Multi mission, […]

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