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Small companies, small steps, big potential market

The potential market is huge, but it is still very much on paper for hopeful industry people. Israeli unmanned air systems (UAS) manufacturers look to the horizon and see big contracts for UAS in civil applications – but there are many clouds that still block the full view of this promising future. The process is […]

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A small step for the UAS industry – a long march still ahead

This is only a small step in a long march. The full integration of unmanned air systems (UAS) into the congested Israeli airspace is still a dream that will only come true very slowly . The process began with a small step that is more symbolic than anything, but it made some people in the industry […]

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New unmanned tools for maritime combat

The Israeli navy will use more unmanned platforms in its missions. It already operates an unmanned boat and is planning the deployment of small unmanned air systems (UAS) aboard patrol craft.In a rare interview, Col Sassi Hudeda, head of the navy’s weapons systems department, said the effort to develop small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) […]

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