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Meeting the demands of network centric warfare

It seems that network centric warfare (NCW) is the phrase of the moment in many armies and airforces.  But many that use it do not fully understand what it means. In some places the meaning is clear, critical and demands everyday solutions. When you talk with the Israeli Air Force (IAF), you hear the phrase […]

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A shadow long-range attack in the desert

Imagination, or fact? The international media was busy yesterday explaining how, according to the Sudanese government, Israel had destroyed a weapons factory near the capital Khartoum on Tuesday.   The Sudanese government claimed that four Israeli fighters had attacked the factory, which was completely destroyed. Sudan has blamed Israel for such attacks in the past. […]

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Science Fi(action) in the desert?

This blog is based on very few facts and a lot of imagination – but always remember that in some cases reality is even wilder that the wildest imagination.In recent weeks, Sudanese media reports have claimed that the Israeli air force attacked two weapon convoys traveling in Sudan on their way to the Gaza Strip.
According to […]

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