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High definition payloads can take demand for UAS to new peak

High definition (HD) optronic payloads for manned aircraft and unmanned air systems (UAS) are becoming a baseline, like HD TV screens at home. Technology can satisfy the appetite of its users for more detailed images, even for the battlefield.The UAS can now see a lot better and that makes them an even more crucial platform […]

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GPS? Yes, but with backup

GPS is a very handy tool that is now a part of all smartphones. It is also used to navigate aircraft, unmanned air systems (UAS) and weapon systems. But this handy tool can be disrupted with a small system that can be purchased for as little as $100.Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a leading UAS manufacturer, […]

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Hit the fire on its head

Firefighting aircraft will be more capable of performing accurate “water bombing” with the help of very advanced Israeli developed electro optical payloads. It’s nice to know that this advanced and ripe technology can be used for such a purpose in addition to its other uses, mainly as a locator of targets for sophisticated weapon systems. […]

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