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The robotic revolution on airport aprons has begun

Last week, another milestone was reached in implementing high-end technology on the aprons of airports. From the outside it may look like a return to the airport tractor, if more advanced and painted in a nice scheme. But the fact is TaxiBot is totally new technology. It is no exaggeration to say that it marks […]

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Innovation in aviation continues apace

Technological innovation in commercial aviation has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent decades – reducing cockpit crews from three to two and cutting the number of engines on airliners for long-haul flights from four to two to name only a couple. Another development is on the tarmac. Israel Aerospace Industries and TLD Group have […]

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Robots start to move into commercial aviation

Unmanned air systems (UAS) are currently used for defence and civil applications, but many observers claim that it is only a question of time before the unmanned “fashion”  penetrates commercial aviation. That, I think, will take time – more because of psychological reasons than technological ones – but the industry is going into the robotic […]

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Taxi, taxi

In the future, Taxibots will roam by themselves on the aprons of airports, towing aircraft from terminals to runways. Currently, Taxibots are still manually operated by the aircraft’s pilot. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the developer of the Taxibot, has recently reached an important milestone when the system achieved a speed of 23kt (43km/h) during taxiing […]

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Moving towards unmanned runways

Unmanned runways – we are not yet there, but on the way. Many tasks on busy airport runways are being taken from humans and given to robots or, in the wider sense, to technology. The FODetect foreign object debris (FOD) detection system was developed by Israeli company Xsight and has become operational at Boston Logan […]

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A big push for the big puller

Bankers Capital Transportation Leasing Group plans to purchase dozens of narrowbody (NB) and widebody TaxiBot aircraft towing systems from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), to be operated in North America. A letter of intent regarding the $97 million deal was signed a few days ago.This was a sign of recognition – and the moment the developers […]

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TaxiBot – a revolution in aircraft ground movements

Frankfurt airport, June 2013. Two widebody passenger aircraft are pushed back from the terminal, engines off. They are still off when they cross the apron on their way to the taxiway. Other aircraft are moving in the area, passing very close to each other. The scene is like one from a science fiction movie – […]

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TaxiBot will make airports greener

A “think tank” team at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is searching for ideas to help make airports greener. This team is the “father” of the TaxiBot, a pilot-controlled semi-robotic towing system for aircraft. While the company is developing advanced UAVs, missiles, satellites and other military useful systems, this team is concerned about making airports more friendly […]

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