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Making UAS more survivable

Two factors – the growing use of unmanned air systems (UAS) and the increased efficiency of the sensors designed to detect and shoot them down – are forcing manufacturers to make them more survivable.Defensive systems that have until recently been used to protect manned air platforms are found on more and more UAS these days.For […]

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Together we can do it – task-sharing UAS

They are too small to carry an effective payload, but as a group they are capable of affecting the battleground.  The trend is clear – “swarms” of mini- or micro-unmanned air systems (UAS) are expected in the coming years.  To enable this, “task-sharing” payloads will be needed, and these are being developed now. But how […]

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A “swarm” attack is on the horizon – the new mini-UAS

Operational “swarms” of mini- or micro-unmanned air systems are expected to be operational five years from now. This may be considered a whim of scientists or a real breakthrough. Only time will tell which is the right one, but in any case this development ignites the imagination of many involved in developing new methods of […]

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