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Unmanned systems at the front of homeland security

The homeland security conference in Israel on September 11 has attracted a lot of attention – not only because it is on a very meaningful date. The attention is not only because of Israel’s need for homeland security, but also for the solutions that have been developed. The conference, organised by the Israeli Technologies Group, […]

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Is it dawn of new era for Turkish and Israeli defence ties?

Israel is making a cautious effort to restore its defence ties with Turkey. This effort, if successful, may revive proposed plans to sell additional Israeli-made defence systems to the Turkish defence forces.Turkey froze all negotiations over buying Israeli-made defence systems after Israel’s navy stopped the “Peace flotilla” that headed for the Gaza strip last year.The […]

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UAS simulators – Israeli solutions for a booming market

Air forces around the world have increasingly incorporated simulators during the past 20 years. Machines range from desktop models to huge, moving versions housed in hangars. As a natural development, the number of simulators that help train unmanned air systems (UAS) operators started to grow five years ago. It is only the beginning.If one assumes […]

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Keeping it simple – UAS-based services that are being developed

“The simpler the better” is a slogan used by an Israeli insurance company to promote its business, and it works. Now we will have a chance to see if it works in the unmanned air systems (UAS) market.Themis was formed by UAS experts who served in the Israeli defence forces, and is already supplying services […]

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Russian-Israeli defence ties: the roller coaster

If someone needed additional proof how complicated, unpredictable and fragile are the defence ties between Russia and Israel, he got it last week big time. The arrest and deportation of the Israeli military attaché to Moscow shocked the Israeli defence establishment. Col Vadim Liderman was arrested while having lunch in a Moscow restaurant, interrogated and […]

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Humans in a growing robotic combat scenario

 This is evolution at its best. Human interface engineers are working hard these days to better integrate the variety of unmanned air systems into the arsenal of the Israeli air force (IAF). For many years they have been busy making the work of pilots more comfortable. But this has been changing . The working conditions of […]

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Manned and unmanned over Israel

It’s a very complicated job and the steps are very small and cautious. The new unmanned air systems (UAS) division of the Israel civil aviation authority (CAA) is beginning to understand how complicated it is to let manned and unmanned platforms to fly in small airspace like the Israeli one. The division has been recently […]

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Teamwork in the sky: the Israeli challenge

The dedicated electro optical payloads developed in Israel for use on unmanned air systems (UAS) have made these aerial platforms “part of the team”. Each player in that team is a very important complementary source for real time data that is needed to create the “big picture” especially crucial in low intensity wars.    Paradox: in […]

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Robots of war: can they do the job?

This lab is open 24/7 and is conducting very complicated tests that sometimes turn in a matter of hours to real combat. The Middle East has become one of the largest “war laboratories” in the world. Wars fought in the region put to real test many innovative weapon systems like unmanned air systems (UAS) . […]

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