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V-22 for the IAF – the focus of political turmoil

The proposal to equip the Israeli air force (IAF) with the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey has spurred a heated debate in the country’s cabinet. While many in the Israeli defence forces (IDF) see a clear requirement for the tiltrotor aircraft, others consider it a “nice to have”, and very low on the shopping list. Last […]

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Politics , operational needs and technology

By ARIE EGOZI Not all arms deals in the world are only in the hands of the generals. Politicians play a growing role in many such  deals and Israel is part of this “trend” . Only recently , the word went out from Washington about a deal to supply the Israeli air force (IAF) with […]

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Small cut in US grants – but big problems still loom

It will take creative financing to enable Israel, or specifically in my area of interest, the Israeli air force to gain its full budgetary wish list.Last week, Washington announced it will cut 5% ($175 million) from its annual military aid package to Israel as part of across-the-board budgetary spending cuts. US military aid to Israel […]

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