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Elbit seeks UAS potential amid latest operational demands

The unmanned air system (UAS) division of Elbit Systems is evaluating the latest operational needs in order to enhance its market penetration with new designs. In recent years, the Israeli company has managed to score a number of impressive successes in this competitive market, and while it continues to promote sales of its currently manufactured systems, […]

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‘Fifth Element’-style VTOL platform is almost ready for the market

Fancraft technology is revolutionary, and the time to release it to the market is approaching. Urban Aeronautics – an Israeli company with interests in fancraft technology – has formed two subsidiaries. Tactical Robotics will deal with preparing the company’s AirMule ducted fan unmanned aircraft for military missions, while Metro Skyways will use the same technology […]

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A “swarm” attack is on the horizon – the new mini-UAS

Operational “swarms” of mini- or micro-unmanned air systems are expected to be operational five years from now. This may be considered a whim of scientists or a real breakthrough. Only time will tell which is the right one, but in any case this development ignites the imagination of many involved in developing new methods of […]

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Israel Aerospace Industries robots all around

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is slowly becoming the robotics house of Israel and, if I may make a small forecast, of the world.   I am talking about robots that will participate in combat and in many cases will deliver the punch necessary to win it.   After 40 years of developing unmanned air systems […]

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New unmanned tools for maritime combat

The Israeli navy will use more unmanned platforms in its missions. It already operates an unmanned boat and is planning the deployment of small unmanned air systems (UAS) aboard patrol craft.In a rare interview, Col Sassi Hudeda, head of the navy’s weapons systems department, said the effort to develop small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) […]

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The Israeli navy’s air arm will go small and unmanned

It is always interesting to find out what other “clients” rather than the air force think regarding unmanned platforms. I visited the Israeli navy, which is using the Eurocopter AS-565 Panther (Atalef) helicopters on its Saar-5 missile corvettes.The search for an unmanned substitute for the “Atalef” has been going on for some years, despite the […]

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