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A Palestinian airport – not in the near future

The peace ‬talks‪ between Israel and ‬the ‪Palestin‬ian authorities face‪ many hurdles that put a huge question mark ‬over‪ ‬this‪ chance to end the bloody conflict.‬ ‪ There are many issues on the table‬ -‪ one ‬being‪ ‬Palestine’s‪ demand to allow‬ the‪ operat‬ion of‪ an international airport from the ‬W‪est ‬B‪ank.‬ ‪ Before ‬the ‪Palestinian […]

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The planned Palestinian state – a high altitude problem

The anticipated declaration of a Palestinian sovereign state, in September, is creating some thoughts and worries about aviation issues that will no doubt need a fast solution, if indeed there is one. The two parts of the planned Palestinian state, the west bank and Gaza strip, do not have any operational aviation facilities. The west […]

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