Yusuke on the Danube

I don’t normally combine the sensation of flight with classical music, but something about Yusuke Takahashi’s elegant flapping bird made me think of the immortal waltz, the Blue Danube.

See for yourself. I’ve taken the liberty of combining Takahashi’s test flight on 17 January, captured in low resolution from the flappingwing channel on YouTube and combined it with a version of Johann Straus’ Blue Danube played by the Vienna Philharmonic under conductor Herbert von Karajan.

Takahashi apparently uses a fishing rod and string to keep the 620mm wingspan Li-po battery-powered 3.27g flapper in line on the selected clip, but other videos on the channel show the bird flying on its own.  

Judging from the flappingwing channel, the ornithopter community in Osaka, Japan, is quite lively…


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