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New York fly-over: A study in contrasts

Tapes of the conversations between New York approach controllers and pilots of the presidential VC-25 (Boeing 747-200) that performed what can best be described as an airshow routine over Lower Manhattan in New York City yesterday reveal a joviality that is in stark contrast to the outright panic that gripped the uninformed citizens just a few […]

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NASA ready to “rock” on Hubble repair/resupply mission

Rest assured, NASA is now truly ready to rocket up to the Hubble to repair and resupply the aging observatory with fresh new instruments in early May…. The agency released this video today, the music score created by “a team of NASA Headquarters employees in their spare time.” Guys, do fix Hubble but don’t quit your day […]

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Video emerges of Presidential fly-over flub

Publicity “stunt” is probably the best way to describe today’s fly-over of New York City landmarks by a presidential Boeing 747, going under the name “Venus 1″ with air traffic controllers working the area. An F-16 accompanied the aircraft, one of two used in the presidential fleet. My nephew, who works in Manhattan, described the scene […]

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Alaska dude in precarious parking job

Check out on AOPA’s Al Marsh’s blog the story of some lucky young snowboarders in Alaska who narrowly escaped the nasty tussle with some tough terrain on 19 April.

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Eves scores Saturn V model rocket success

Amateur rocketeer Steve Eves successfully launched his 1/10 scale Saturn V rocket from a rural site in Maryland on Saturday. The 36-ft-high model weighed more than 1,600lb. Two good videos below:  

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Costa Rican “cabin” with a view

At Costa Rica’s Hotel Costa Verde, you can feel free to move about the cabin when staying in the new Boeing 727 fuselage suite. The refurbished 1965 tri-jet, aka “Whisperjet”, formerly flew for the likes of South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines of Colombia. Check out the pictures at the hotel’s website and on this […]

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Video: Engine-out landing captured on video

Two pilots headed for the Sun n’ Fun 2009 show in Lakeland, Florida, on Saturday put their “IFR” (I follow roads) skills to good use when they landed their SkyRanger light sport aircraft (N514GS) on an urban street in Winter Haven. The pilots were enroute from Winter Haven to Lakeland when the video-equipped aircraft’s 2-cycle […]

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Saturn V “model” rocket to launch Saturday

The largest “model” rocket ever to fly will attempt lift off at Higgs Farm near Price, Maryland, this Saturday (25 April). Built by Steve Eves and powered by nine motors, the 1/10-scale version weighs 1,700lb, is 36-ft-tall rocket will soar to 4,200ft, according to a poster presented at a model rocketry conference in Toledo, Ohio […]

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Video: Cirrus SF50 Vision price creep?

A video captured by ApInsights in Scottsdale, Arizona, on 11 April reveals details about what appears to be a rising price point for Cirrus’ new single-engine personal jet, the SF50 Vision. In the video, Cirrus jet sales coordinator Gary Black says the aircraft’s final price will be between $1.3 and $1.4 million “fully loaded”. Previous statements by the company indicate a top price […]

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Florida Sun n’ Fun – What’s ahead for today

Lakeland, Florida is general aviation’s playground this week as the 2009 Sun n ‘Fun show kicks off. Here’s what’s on the agenda for today in terms of press conferences.  You can also listen in on the goings on with Flight Line Internet Radio.  I’ll update you on what actually took place at the press conferences at day’s end. Photo of the Piper […]

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