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Airbus A320 in Mexico: Smokin’ in the boys (and girls) room?

Found this video last night from a YouTuber based in Mexico. It claims to show a very smoky A320 cockpit captured on cell phone video while the aircraft was sitting on the ground, presumably at an airport in Mexico. Can anyone shed light on what’s happening here?    

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DARPA: Lockheed Martin to study autonomous medevac

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) yesterday awarded Lockheed Martin $481,352 to complete a design study for an autonomous medical evacuation system. A Google search turned up some interesting concepts that might hint at what Lock Mart may propose…. At an American Telemedicine Assocation conference in April 2008, Lockheed gave a paper discussing work […]

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HALE to the ring-wing

The idea at first seems preposterous. But if you look a little closer, it begins to look, well, brilliant…. Lockheed Martin inventor Ronald Stroud has applied for a US patent (20090127381) for what he describes as a ring-winged rotor. Though it might look like a toy, the ring-wing is designed for a very real purpose […]

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The 429: Bell Helicopter’s new speed demon

Flight International (read: ME) was given an early look at Bell Helicopter’s newest family member on 20 May at the Bell Canada production facility in MIrabel, just outside of Montreal.  The $4.865 million Bell 429 is set for certification some time in June, and represents the first clean sheet design for the company since the Bell-Boeing V-22 […]

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DARPA takes next step in formation flight

By July, the Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency (DARPA) plans to fund Boeing to take the next step in tightly-spaced travel as part of its Formation Flight for Aerodynamic Benefit program. The idea is to take advantage of the physics that geese and other flocking birds have known for millennia – By keeping the […]

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Gratzer’s spiroids in flight

Though Aviation Partners Inc. first flew its unique spiroid winglets in 2001, I had yet to see a video of the devices in flight. Until now…

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Video: Japan Airlines reveals new way to carry cargo

File this one in the d’oh!! category.  Apparently this JAL Boeing 747-400 was departing LAX yesterday when…. Hey, how did *that* get there?     Local new reports that Flight 61 was leaving the gate when it sucked up a cargo container into the engine. Or, as the airport operator described it, “the unidentified object blocked one of […]

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Airbus and Boeing duel on magnifique aerial castles

Scale models of VIP versions of Boeing’s 787 and Airbus’ A350 are now on display here in Geneva as part of the European Business Aviation Association’s annual convention and exhibit. Not too shabby.  

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White House official quits over New York 747 scare

The White House military liaison Louis Caldera has quit his post in the wake of a photo-op gone bad. Caldera had approved the April 27 flight of a presidential VC-25 and F-16 escort flying quite low over the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan. The event, quite rightly, scared many in New York.    

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Heavy jet DNA

A geekishly interesting video out on YouTube of a Malaysian Airlines B747-400 passing 1,000ft over the top of a passenger with a video camera aboard a different plane.  Water vapor in engine exhaust, cooling and condensing in the atmosphere (aka contrails), and spun up by the action of induced drag and winglets makes for some pretty cool aerial DNA…   […]

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