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Chiron: No jacket required

Aurora Flight Sciences this week revealed that it has been flying an “optionally manned” general aviation aircraft that can do autonomous takeoff and landings for the past three months just outside of Washington DC. Pictured below is Aurora’s Cessna 337 “Chiron” testbed. Though the object of project was to prove out the ability to deliver fully […]

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Tail rotor take off gear on right as compared to a new pinion on the left.jpg

Feds, Sikorsky: Too little too late on Cougar S-92 crash

Safety Investigators in Canada have determined that pilots of a Cougar Helicopters Sikorksy S-92 that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland on 12 March, resulting in the deaths of 17 of the 18 on board, were likely trying to autorotate the heavy twin helicopter after a tail rotor drive failure, precipitated (my words, not […]

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Dark Dog Blues

Do dog-lovers make poor pilots? Check out this LiveLeak video of an An Express Air Dornier Do-328-100 (PK-TXN) that flubbed its landing in Indonesia yesterday just after a dog scooted across the runway. From what I know about dogs, the tail-high posture of this canine indicates he’s a prankster…

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Terrafugia completes proof-of-concept flying car flight tests

  Terrafugia reports that it successfully completed the first of four phases in its bid to produce a “roadable” sport light aircraft, the Transition. The company’s proof-of-concept aircraft completed 28 flights over several weeks starting with first flight on 5 March, with test pilots probing the handling, performance, take off and landing, stability and stall performance of the unique pusher aircraft […]

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ASDE-X saves the day in Charlotte

The FAA doesn’t usually like to talk about the “saves” that take place when safety alerting systems in the tower sound off and save the day. The NTSB however does. In a press release issued Tuesday, the safety board reveals that it is investigating the case of a PSA Airlines CRJ-200 that narrowly avoided hitting […]

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