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Is PiperJet sporting a Coanda spout?

Images from the public unveiling of Piper’s new single-engine PiperJet at the AirVenture 2009 show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this week reveal a new tailpipe design for the Williams International FJ44-3AP turbofan engine. Compared to the prototype I saw in Florida at Piper’s home base one year ago (left)……    …. the Oshkosh version (right) appears […]

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The Pelican Brief

The fatal connection between a flock of American white Pelicans and a Cessna Citation 500 business jet at 3,100ft over a lake in Oklahoma in March 2008 is the fuel behind some new safety recommendations issued by the US National Transportation Safety Board yesterday. The collision with one or more of birds, which tend to weigh on […]

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Cessna’s biggest fan… or worst PR nightmare!

Cessna Citation jets in close formation at the Sapporo Air Show in Japan give this TV reporter something to shout home about. Translations anyone?

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Robinson R22 “Pollinator”

Q: How do you pollinate thounsands of acres of hybrid rice plants in Texas? A: With a Robinson R22 helicopter. This YouTube video posted by Mike shows almost 10 minutes of how it’s done. Apparently helicopter-driven wind is a good way to move pollen from one plant to another, ensuring a good harvest of seeds, in […]

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Cirrus SNAFU: Situation Normal – All Figured Out

The advanced avionics offerings of Cirrus are out to spoil pilots of all stripes. On an 8 July night flight in a Cirrus SR22 turbo, the company’s top-of-the-line single, I sampled the aircraft’s new enhanced vision system working in tandem with its synthetic vision system as Cirrus mid-Atlantic regional sales director Boni Caldeira worked the […]

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Coast Guard softens kayaker’s Agony of Defeat

A US Coast Guard crew was witness to the agony of defeat for French kayaker Jean-Gabriel Chalala, who’s monumental 20,000mi quest to circumnavigate the globe via human power — kayaking and cycling — came to an untimely end in the Bering Sea, 40mi off the coast of Alaska’s St. Lawrence Island on Saturday. Chalala had already […]

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Eclipse: The “gift” that keeps giving

Even from its Chapter 7 grave, Eclipse Aviation, maker of the now infamous Eclipse 500, continues its grim legacy, as Cirrus chairman Alan Klapmeier recently found out…. Klapmeier over the past few months has been out shopping for private equity to create a new company to finish development of the Cirrus Vision SF50 personal jet. What’s on […]

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