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Golf gig lands Boeing in hot water

Four months after a presidential flyover flub in New York City by a Boeing 747, Boeing itself is in a bit of hot water for staging its own flyover at its annual Boeing classic golf event, despite attempts to pre-empt any panic before the 28 August low pass. Check out the video and story by Seattle’s King […]

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Yo! UFO at JFK

Local law enforcement and the US FAA remain baffled as to who or what flew briefly into the busy final approach path of jets landing at New York’s John F. Kennedy International airport about 2000h Sunday night, disrupting operations. The mystery began when a Delta Airlines pilot (DAL164), waiting on Taxiway C (Charlie) in the […]

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Government eyes Supertanker for dirty duty

Talk about low and slow aerial work.. …Evergreen International Aviation says a number of US government agencies are contemplating the use of its 20,000 gallon aerial Boeing 747-100 “Supertanker” for a variety of fairly nasty clean-up jobs in urban America.  Included in the potential uses are dropping decontamination foam in the aftermath of a radiological […]

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Stooges no match for Honeywell T-Hawk

Bad guys might really be as dumb as the three stooges in this promotional video shown by Honeywell at the AUVSI show this week, but the comany’s Tarantula Hawk, or T-Hawk,micro air vehicle (MAV), is definitely NOT this cool sounding. Actual footage of the US Army using the ducted fan aerial observation post, below the […]

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Closing in on equivalent visual operations

An RTCA committee formed to lay the ground work for how pilots might “see” the world outside the cockpit in the not-too-distant future has begun revealing snippets of how that brave new world might look. Two vdeos recently made public by RTCA special comittee 213, a group tasked with coming up with minimum aviation system performance […]

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Extravaganza on the barely human Bonanza

Given how the general aviation pilot corps is aging (myself not included, of course), it’s reassuring that companies like Hawker Beechcraft and Rockwell Collilns have come up with a panic button of sorts to help resolve situations where pilots either lose the ability to fly, or they become incapacitated, or worse yet, die behind the controls. […]

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