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High altitude Mooney M20M: Pilot unresponsive

A medical emergency, perhaps hypoxia, looks to have claimed another pilot and aircraft. Two months ago to the day, it was a Cirrus SR22. Today is was a Mooney M20M Bravo, N400DE, powered by a turbocharged Lycoming TIO-540 and registered to N400DE LLC of Ada, Michigan. Based on flight tracking information from, the lone […]

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Canada is my Lost and Found

Canada has been very good to me. In May, I left my beloved BlackBerry Edge at a kiosk for Air Canada check-in in Montreal. TSA tried to help me find it after the jarring realization that the buzzing on my hip was phantom. No luck. Three days later, I get a phone call at my home in […]

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a ….. skysail?

European air safety and navigation agency, Eurocontrol, is warning pilots that a new form of collision threat exists from ships that have begun experimenting with large high-flying kites or sails for auxiliary propulsion. They know this because they received a report about a 15 September incident in which an aircraft over the southern North Sea […]

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Hudson mid-air: How it might have looked

A simulation played for US House lawmakers by NTSB chairman Deborah Hersman at a hearing today on Capitol Hill shows how an air taxi helicopter might have looked to the pilot of a single-engine Piper Saratoga just before the two collided over the Hudson River, just west of New York City on a sunny Saturday […]

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Civil Air Patrol gets a bit less “civil”

The agency originally created to use human eyes to search for German U-boats off the eastern coast the US during the World War II will now provide electronic eyes to help Army and Marines ground crews get ready to use their MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper hunter/killer unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Iraq and Afghanistan or elsewhere. Under the […]

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Fired up Cessna 177B Cardinal

The US National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a bizarre incident out in Chandler, Arizona, on 25 August… A private pilot prepping for a cross-country flight from Chandler AZ to Tucson AZ had the misfortune of looking up and seeing smoke then fire coming from the left side of the Cessna 177B Cardinal’s cowling after he tried […]

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DOA SR22: Echoes of Payne Stewart

Two F-16 Fighting Falcons from the Ohio Air National Guard that scrambled to intercept a non-responsive Cirrus SR22 cruising at 25,000ft over Ohio late on the evening of 30 July discovered what controllers had no doubt suspected — a pilot “unconcious” at the flight controls. Once fuel was depleted, the aircraft pitched nose-up and decelerated […]

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California calls in the Supertanker trio

California this past weekend put to work all three of the largest aerial tankers now available to the US Forest Service and others in the United States on the “Station” fire near Los Angeles. New to the airborne arsenal – which traditionally has included firefighting helicopters, small-, medium- and large-sized fixed wing aircraft and for the […]

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“High” flier takes a dive

This shouldn’t be funny, but somehow it is… ShareCreateAptureâ„¢ Drunk pilot guided home by helicopter after ‘losing’ airfield – The Daily Record 9/1/09 A DRUNK amateur pilot was guided to land by a rescue helicopter after he radioed a control tower and asked: “Where the bloody hell have you hidden yourself?” The 65-year-old tanked […]

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