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More pieces to the civil supersonic puzzle

Russia-InfoCentre has published a somewhat cryptic article that shows the country is still very much involved in the civil supersonic transport game… Russian engineers from Central Institute of Aerohydrodynamics performed a supersonic cruise research for supersonic passenger aircrafts, flying over densely populated lands.  For this purpose they cooperated with “Sukhoi New Civil Technologies” company and Central […]

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Rockwell Collins: New avionics for a safer runway

Two high profile events of late – A Delta 767 landing on a taxiway in Atlanta and a near-miss between a Boeing 757 and Embraer E190 at LAX – highlight the need for new in-cockpit runway safety systems for aviation, a call that avionics manufacturers are heeding. Rockwell Collins continues to perfect its first-generation surface […]

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Aviation Partners: New generation of winglets enroute

Aviation Partners Inc. (API) president Joe Clark says a new generation of winglets will make their way onto commercial airliners in the next five  years as operators look to cut costs and emissions by increasing fuel economy. Speaking to As-The-Croft-Flies at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) annual trade show in Orlando this week, Clark said […]

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NBAA 2009: Garmin unveils most complex integrated avionics suite to date

Garmin today unveiled its most complex integrated avionics suite to date. Called the G3000, the system features Garmin’s trademark synthetic vision and runway safety programs as well as a three-axis dual channel, fail passive digital auto flight system. Along with thre 14.1in diagonal WXGA high resolution wide aspect ratio displays across the flight deck, the […]

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Pilot MyCast by Garmin

The first of what I hope will be many in-flight product reviews on As The Croft Flies… Garmin Pilot MyCast – The weather world in your hand… Having access to a world of real-time weather and flight planning data on my cell phone, courtesy of Garmin’s Pilot MyCast application, makes me feel as though I’ve […]

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Psychedelic interlude in Detroit

Who knew? I recently walked through Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport as part of a connecting flight from Washington DC to Cedar Rapids. To catch my outbound flight, I took the underground connector and discovered what I think might be Michigan’s best kept secret — a pyschedelic show that accompanies you for nearly a quarter of a […]

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Fractional Phoenix: Citationair

The fractional provider formerly known as CitationShares, owned primarily by Cessna, has recast itself as Citationair.   Company officials launched the new venture today at the posh 21 Club in New York City. Here’s the video describing the new face of the 10-year-old company.

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UPDATE: Hey Northwest – Where’s my freaking wallet?!

UPDATE: My wallet came in the mail on Saturday. Thanks! A week and two days ago, I was a happy camper. As I described in this blog, a Northwest Airlines rep in Winnipeg called me that day and said they’d found the wallet I’d lost the week before in Cedar Rapids and that they’d mail it […]

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Gulfstream, IAI unveil first G250 super mid-size

The past 48 hours has been a blur! The adventure started 0814h Monday morning, when four other aviation journalists and myself were whisked away by Gulfstream, care of media relations chief Robert Baugniet, on a G550 (NG550GA) time machine from Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) non-stop to Tel Aviv (TLV) for the rollout of Gulfstream’s new […]

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