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Canadians turn up the heat on Sikorsky, FAA

Canadian press is turning up the heat on helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky and the US FAA, as well they should. Documents turned up by the Globe and Mail and Canadian Press show that certification standards previously set in stone at the FAA may have been sidestepped during the 2002 Part 29 approval process for the Sikorsky S-91A, a 19-seat twin-engine helicopter used heavily […]

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Carter’s Copter gets a whole lotta love from Textron

It’s official: Jay Carter, who’s unique compound helicopter/aircraft designs for the general aviation market have been a fixture at Oshkosh events for years but never quite ready for prime time, has gained a whole lotta clout. Carter is now tightly coupled to the future of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) giant AAI, a subsidiary of Textron […]

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Happy New Year: Bombardier to launch Gulfstream G650 rival

Evidence suggests Bombardier as soon as 1Q 2010 will launch a new flagship business jet, it’s longest range, fastest and most expensive to date. The aircraft would compete head-on with Gulfstream’s new G650, designed to be the fastest (M0.925) and longest-range (7,000nm) purpose-built business jet to date. Here’s why I think this will happen very soon,   In a fascinating article […]

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FAA alert a day late for Illinois CH601XL pilot

Two alerts, one from the US Federal Aviation Administration and one from AMD, manufacturer of the Zodiac CH601XL light sport aircraft, came one day too late for an Illinois sport pilot and owner of an experimentally-registered CH601XL. That pilot, Charles Cummings, died Friday November 6 when his Jabiru-powered Zodiac (N538CJ) broke up in flight and tumbled into a […]

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Highest Wind seeks exemption for Energy Glider

Green aspirations are fuelling some new uses of kites and gliders, and corresponding worries from aviation authorities. In September, Eurocontrol warned operators of a new breed of kite being used by ships for auxiliary propulsion. Today, a company called Highest Wind is asking the FAA for exemptions from several rules controlling the use of moored […]

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