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Move over Honeywell T-Hawk MAV, the Flying Can is here…

In the battle of the “flying dustbins” (the affectionate title my UK brethren have given to this class of mirco air vehicles), there appears to be a new kid in town, ready to do battle with Honeywell’s T-Hawk MAV, shown in an earlier blog entry Check out this video I found on YouTube.   Quite […]

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FAA: Seen a UFO? Call Bigelow

It’s official. Bigelow Aerospace, the Las Vegas-based company that makes inflatable low-Earth orbiting modules, is now the go-to company for close encounters of the airborne kind. The FAA, in a 10 December update to its air traffic control organization, tells its air traffic controllers to tell anyone wanting to report “UFO/unexplained phenomena activity” to contact […]

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Lightning won’t strike twice – or even once – with DARPA’s Nimbus

Somewhere, Benjamin Franklin is smiling… The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) yesterday issued a broad agency announcement looking for groundbreaking new ways to control one of nature’s most powerful and mysterious forces — lightning. “Control” might be a bit hyperbolic for what they want to do, at least for now. “Lightning causes more than $1 billion […]

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FAA pulls Cirrus FIKI

The FAA will bar Cirrus SR22s from flight into known icing from 19 December, pending an inspection and potential rework of portions of the aircraft’s TKS anti-icing system. The agency approved the four-seat low-wing plane for flight into known icing (FIKI) in January, after which.approximately 75 FIKI-equipped aircraft have been delivered. EASA approved the feature for […]

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Hurricane end to SpaceShipTwo unveil

  In true Richard Branson style, the SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise unveiling Monday night ended with a bang, or better said, a really BIG wind. Here’s a press release just sent out by Virgin Galactic, and a YouTube Vid they posted. Hurricane Provides Dramatic End to Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Event. At the start of a dramatic […]

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Virgin Galactic SS2 unveil: Scraps from the cutting room floor

Virgin Galactic has put out a video highlighting its star-studded grand unveiling of the prototype SpaceShipTwo, the VSS Enterprise, at the Mojave Air and Space Port on 7 December. What got cut from the final version, and what I captured with my cheap little Casio Exilim portable, was a the roasting that California governor Arnold […]

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I/ITSEC: Simulation Mecca

Anybody who’s anyone in the simulation world is in Orlando, Florida this week for the annual Interservice/Industry training, simulation and eduction conference (I/ITSEC) . Billed as the world’s largest modelling and simulation gathering, I/ITSEC is also a focal point for latest and greatest in aircraft simulation technologies, some of which I described in a recent […]

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Skycatcher: Cessna sings a new song

Here are videos and pictures of my 2 November flight out of the Tampa Executive Airport in the Cessna Skycatcher light sport aircraft. Teaching me about the two-seater was Cessna chief pilot for piston operations, Kirby Ortega. Along with the YouTube videos (one for the ground portion, one in flight) is a Flickr slideshow and a […]

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