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Panda Express: FedEx’s whole different animal

Air cargo carrier FedEx is getting a bit like Frontier Airlines (which brands its planes with animal pictures), but for a good cause. The company today revealed how one if its first Boeing 777F freighters will look when it departs the US for China on a special mission the morning of 4 February, providing me these artist […]

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Cirrus Jet: It’s coming, but don’t hold your breath

Cirrus executives make it clear that its flagship offering, the single-engine SF50 Vision personal jet is at the apex of company priorities. BUT, given the lack of big bucks from the gun-shy investing community, it won’t be coming to your local Cirrus dealer in 2012, as the company had expected. “We don’t know when [the […]

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Morgan Freeman’s Invictus SJ30 route revealed

Emivest Aerospace, picking up on a story I recently wrote about actor Morgan Freeman’s epic journey in his brand now Emivest SJ30 business jet, N30GZ, sent me a picture of the route. That’s quite an impressive first 35 days in the life of a small aircraft. Emivest spokesman Mark Fairchild says the track log is […]

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The Monkey on NASA’s Back

I might not normally agree with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), but when it comes to cute little monkeys, squirrel monkeys to be precise, I do… PETA is protesting in front of various NASA sites about a study in which the space agency will expose 18 squirrel monkeys to the amount […]

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Kazakh monument.jpg

Russian wind tunnel aids in “monumental” task

Russian engineers working at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) near Moscow have put one of their wind tunnels to work on a very interesting task – taming the behavior of the Kazakh People monument, a structure, apparently, set to be located in Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana, The problem? Those danged wings…The press release from TsAGI describes […]

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Once around the Canadian patch, Bombardier-style

Now I know why they say, “Oh Canada!” Check out this YouTube video that someone took from the jump seat or thereabouts in a new Bombardier CRJ700 during what appears to be a pre-delivery test flight from the company’s production facility near Montreal. The videographer (gentleman4512) explains that every new Bombardier aircraft goes through this […]

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FOIA FAA? Foia-getaboutit…

I just paid $24.50 for the biggest load of nothing I’ve ever bought. In November, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to try and get the details of an otherwise off-the-record meeting between the FAA and Sikorsky in July 2009 to discuss the problematic main gearbox (MGB) of Sikorsky’s 19-passenger heavy-lift S-92A helicopter. […]

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OMA gawd! The SkyCar gets some Euro respect

More than five years after the likes of Aviation Week (myself included as I worked there at the time) said “Don’t hold your breath” in waiting for a certain Italian company to actually finish its odd-looking piston twin pusher, airframer Oma Sud has shut up the naysayers. As of 8 January, the SkyCar is an […]

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Blue Sky: Oceanic flight tracking made simple

Right now, a brand new Embraer Phenom 100 light business jet flown by a pilot name Ben Marcus is somewhere over the Carribean on its way to the US on a ferry flight. Thanks to Blue Sky Network, we know exactly where Marcus is however, and if by chance a search and rescue operation is […]

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Finding the private Freeman

While writing an article about actor and pilot Morgan Freeman’s recent monumental crosscountry flight in his brand new Emivest SJ30 business jet, I stumbled upon one of his other true loves – Blues music. The trail started with a need to know the tail number of Freeman’s plane. I learned from Emivest that his promotion tour […]

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