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Maryland State Police Aviation: Get with the program, guys!

I just got back from the helicopter industry’s most populus and powerful meeting – Heli Expo – where the top-down, bottoms-up message was – WE GOTTA GET SAFER!! And today, I pull up an NTSB preliminary accident report on a Maryland State Police Eurocopter AS365N2 helicopter (N61MD – thumb pic from No one was […]

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Bell 47, of TV fame, gets new owner

Bell Helicopter on Monday officially turned over the keys, as it were, of the Bell 47 helicopter to Scott’s Helicopter Services, a Bell-approved customer service facility in La Sueur, Minnesota. Pictured are Bell’s Danny Maldonado (left) and Scott Churchill, president of Scott’s Helicopter. The event took place during this year’s Heli-Expo conference, which I helped […]

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ATC Tape: Out of it in Austin

Air traffic control tapes released by reveal an apparently cool and calm Joe Stack, just minutes before he crashed his Piper Dakota into a buiding in Austin, Texas this morning. A controller at Georgetown Municipal Airport (KGTU), after clearing N2889D, a Piper PA28-236 Dakota, to depart said, “What’s your direction of flight, sir?”, to which […]

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Going tail-less: No longer a Cardinal sin

A blog by my colleague Barbara Cockburn on a 1911 article Flight published regarding the study of birds in flight, reminded me of an ah-hah bird moment I had last week. One of the advantages of being snowed-in for a week at my rural home in Maryland is that I get to watch the birds, […]

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UPDATE UPDATE: X-45A NOT alive and well in Maryland!

2/18/2010 – After reading a comment from “anonymous” By anonymouson February 18, 2010 6:32 PM | Reply traced the prestly industries ip address. it relays back to site. clearly a deep cover cia thing. I clicked the Prestly link and got this: Then I looked to see if the YouTube clip was still there, […]

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Dulles Jet Centre: That’s snow way to treat a lady

A friend sent these pictures along of the unfortunate fate of a handful of very expensivve business jets kept inside what the owners, and Dulles Jet Centre itself, most likely thought was a safe cocoon. I covered the grand opening, complete with hoopla, of the $60 million facility back in November 2006.     When three […]

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Is there a personal jet in Cessna’s future?

Textron president and CEO Scott Donnelly last week set the stage for what could turn out to be a banner new product year for subsidiary Cessna. While the company continues to steer clear of the super-midsize business jet sector, which it had attempted to gain access to with the now-cancelled Colombus jet, it apparently is […]

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HT4Sight: Bringing Jack Bauer’s cool tools to market

Jack: “Chloe – pipe that UAV surveillance video of the bad guys to my PDA!” Scenes like this (sort of) from Fox’s 24 that used to seem so futuristic (unless you’re in combat) suddenly don’t seem so much so. Check out LA-based Helinet Technologies, new product, HT 4Sight. The system lets anyone with the need […]

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