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Texas “swingers” living the life

Talk about an office with a view. Maybe this is what becomes of kids who really, really like to swing from ropes tied to trees in their youth. Happy Friday

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Machinations in Minnesota: Cirrus v. L-3

Lawsuits are flying in Minnesota it seems. Last September, L-3 filed a lawsuit against Cirrus claming the company failed to pay it more than $20 million fees related to a high performanace avionics suite called SmartDeck (pictured left) that Cirrus had contracted L-3 to build. Cirrus countersued for several reasons. Then just last week, Cirrus […]

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Eurocopter hybrid patent: A preview of X3 or X4?

A US patent application (No. 20100065677)submitted by Eurocopter last March and published last week hints at some of the radical new concepts the top rotorcraft manufacturer as been tinkering with in its labs as part of what company CEO Lutz Bertling says is a drive to “extend the domain” of the helicopter. It’s not clear […]

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Too harsh? Navy grounds fighter jocks for low pass

The Navy Times is reporting that two F/A-18 pilots have been assigned to desk jobs following a Navy-sanctioned low-pass of the Bobby Dodd football stadium before the start of a Georgia Tech game on 7 November. Though commissioned by the Navy to make the pass, the Navy Times article notes that the pilots, both graduates of the […]

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Funky dance of the Rocket Man protege

In the movie Thunderball, James Bond shows us how to look cool (except for the dorky helmet) flying the most unlikely of anti-gravity machines – the Rocketbelt.   The Rocket Man protege below, who I discovered on YouTube a few days ago, needs a bit more practice to be cool.   For a good video history […]

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Court deals second downer for Dulles Jet Centre

Just when things probably seemed like they couldn’t get any worse for the owners of the Dulles Jet Centre, (an “FBO” that suffered a catastrophic roof failure in a DC blizzard on 6 February and is now closed for reconstruction, things DID get worse. On 17 March, a US district court told Dulles Jet Centre (DJC) owner Landow […]

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Video: Lockheed’s K- to the MAX

Lockheed Martin/Kaman has released a very slick video showing the latest testing of its autonomous cargo-delivery unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Based on the Kaman K-MAX helicopter, the UAS is a potential winner in an upcoming US Marine Corps purchase for lift in Afghanistan. Competitors include Boeing with the A160 Hummingbird and Northrop Grumman with the […]

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NASA seeks a kindler, gentler final frontier

The scientists and engineers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre — the locale that brought the world wonders like the upgraded Hubble Space Telescope, the Cosmic Background Explorer (whose lead scientist won a Nobel Prize for the satellite’s discoveries), and the upcoming James Webb space telescope post-2014 — might need a lesson from Jim Belushi… […]

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SDR Lite: Flying clubs get some FAA respect

The FAA plans to select a contractor to develop a web-based service difficulty report(SDR) system that could be used by pilots flying small general aviation aircraft in clubs. “The primary objectives are to assist type clubs(user/owner of various models of Beech, Cessna and Piper airplanes), and other interested general aviation organizations in collecting a more […]

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Eurocopter needs…. Clouseau!

I know it probably isn’t a joking matter, but I couldn’t help but think of Inspector Clouseau when hearing about Eurocopter’s quandary. According to an EASA safety bulletin issued today, the helicopter manufacturer reported that “a number of parts” for main gearboxes for its AS350, AS355, EC130 B4, AS332 and EC225 LP helicopter models were stolen […]

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