NASA seeks a kindler, gentler final frontier

The scientists and engineers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre — the locale that brought the world wonders like the upgraded Hubble Space Telescope, the Cosmic Background Explorer (whose lead scientist won a Nobel Prize for the satellite’s discoveries), and the upcoming James Webb space telescope post-2014 — might need a lesson from Jim Belushi…


Posted in the space flight center’s electronic news for today was this little jewel:

THE ART OF THE APOLOGY TRAINING: Come join instructor Nina Meierding for a highly interactive and engaging class, The Art of the Apology. This course will be offered on Monday, March 22, from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., in the Bldg. 1 Training Facility. Objectives for the course include providing Goddard employees with understanding about apologies in general; learning multiple types of apology and their delivery, timing, and sincerity and effectiveness; learning about research as to the impact of apologies on negotiation outcomes and relationships; and understanding how men and women use apology differently.


By my calculations, if just 50 government employees sign up, and say they have an average yearly income of about $100,000 (which is not at all unusual), that’s at least $20,000 spent by us taxpayers for this “day at the office”, and that’s not even including overhead.

Snap out of it, guys! For about $10 in temporary tattoos, your problems are solved.


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