Machinations in Minnesota: Cirrus v. L-3

Lawsuits are flying in Minnesota it seems.

Thumbnail image for L3_SmartDeck.JPGLast September, L-3 filed a lawsuit against Cirrus claming the company failed to pay it more than $20 million fees related to a high performanace avionics suite called SmartDeck (pictured left) that Cirrus had contracted L-3 to build. Cirrus countersued for several reasons.

Then just last week, Cirrus sues L-3 clamining that L-3 has been badmouthing the company to its suppliers as part of a bizarre plot to drive the company out of buiness.. 


Below are both lawsuits so you can read and judge for yourself (L-3 first then Cirrus) If you want the Reader’s Digest version, click here for a story I wrote on


 Here’s the L-3 suit, filed last year:



Here’s the Garmin suit:



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