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Helo-bashing: NASA proves out Kevlar cushion

NASA on Wednesday dropped a perfectly good MD-500 helicopter from 35ft in the air. The jarring conclusion to the test highlights the quite different outcome of the same drop in December. Only in the December case, the helicopter was equipped with a Kevlar honeycomb protector on its underside.   More details on my story on, but videos here –  

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Zero-G Cessna pilots get an earful

Pilots of a Cessna Skyhawk on a recent flight near Malibu, California, apparently got more than they bargained for when playing an innocent trick on their back-seat passengers. WARNING: Turn down your volume before playing

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Eurocopter Blue Edge: What’s to become of the Whop-Whop?

The quirky blade on this Eurocopter EC155 isn’t a visual fluke with the jpeg I used  - it’s a double-swept rotor design that the worldwide helicopter marketshare leader is developing to make its machines quieter. At this year’s Heli-Expo exposition in Houston, Eurocopter opened the usually closed door on several of its research projects, including Blue Blade. The passive noise […]

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