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Eurocopter to reveal new concept on “E-Day” in Geneva

Eurocopter has invited journos from far and wide to come to its booth in Geneva on 4 May during the European Business Aviation Association’s annual trade show at the Palexpo Centre for a special announcement…. Here’s what they say: Save the date11:00am on Tuesday, May 4thduring EBACE in Geneva… for the unveiling of a “new […]

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Rockwell Collins HUD synthetic vision: Hold Your Head Up

The opportunity to write a blog that references a new product AND one of the best rock anthems of my generation (the 50-somethings) is an honour and a privilege. The rock anthem is Rod Argent’s Hold Your Head Up (click the link and check the hair..) The product is Rockwell Collins’ new synthetic vision system […]

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How many rotors can NASA buy with $4 million?

…One, apparently.  Remember the infamous $640 toilet seat for the P-3C in the Reagan era? While the Obama administration might have had the right through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.idea to dump money into the economy to stimulate goods, services and jobs, the idea of giving NASA $1 billion of that money and expecting […]

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Space Race to Rat Race: US to one-up Iran

As if to counter the slap down issued by Iranian president Mahmoud Adhmadinejad in early February after he launched a 10-ft-long Kavoshgar-3 research rocket carrying – a mouse, two turtles and some worms — into space, the US has, apparently, raised the stakes. Ahmadinejad said his feat showed “Iran could defeat the West in the battle of […]

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SportCruiser Canopy follies – Mind the latch

The pilot of a Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser light sport aircraft, a model that earlier this year became the PiperSport, taking off in Millbrook, NY appears to have learned a lesson in phyics the hard way on 11 April. NTSB: According to several witnesses, the airplane’s engine sound was “good” during the takeoff roll and throughout […]

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Happy Birthday to the Cherokee nation

As the proud part-owner of a 1977 Piper PA28-181 Archer II, serial number 28-7890011, I’m happy to observe the golden anniversary of the Piper Cherokee famly. That’s me on the left, next to Duane (aka Vinnie) and Reid the K-man (right). Together with N43756 we’re the “Jerky Boyz”, a name that came up in an earlier […]

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UPDATE: Global Express II: Bombardier’s (not so) big secret?

UPDATE: On point 1, I’ve been told that Global Express II is an internal identifier for this particular vendor’s products for the Global line and doesn’t relate to the supposed new Global Express platform. So maybe I’m delusional on piont 1 perhaps, but what about point 2!    Mathematicians will tell you that It takes two points […]

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Brownsville EMS crash: Placing a losing bet

While the NTSB is a long way from making its final determination the probable cause of a 25 March crash of a Eurocopter AS-350-B3 (N855HW) with its commercial pilot and two flight nurses on a medical repositioning flight in pre-dawn darkness, the initial NTSB report leaves little to the imagination. Long story short, the pilot […]

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CRJ overrun at Yeager Airport: Mea Culpa

  After shaking my head at the stupidity of a very experienced captain (who is also a check pilot) flying a US Airways Express Bombardier CRJ200 that overran a runway at the Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Va, after a high-speed rejected takeoff, I realized that, in some small way, I’m part of the problem. I […]

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NASA to robotize T-34C for unmanned studies

Photo: John Croft NASA’s Glenn Research Centre plans to issue a contract to upgrade its vintage Beechcraft T-34C (N608NA) turbine-powered single engine military trainer to a state-of-the-art unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) communications test bed. “One of the major limitations to operations of UAS with the next generation air transportation system (NextGen) is the ability for […]

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