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VIDEO: X-51A drop and light from chase plane

The US Air Force has published some video of the X-51A drop and light on 26 May. I wrote a story for Flight International just after the event, which saw the scramjet flying to speeds of Mach 5 and 70,000ft. I spoke with program managers (twice) who confirmed that total burn time was 140 seconds, […]

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University of Pennsylvania demos Quadrotor gymnastics

Reserearchers at the University of Pennsylvania are doing some amazing maneuvers with their micro quadrotor UAV. Based on comments to the video, the system uses a motion capture system to determine the orientation of objects through which it will fly, and an outside computer system to perform the calculations needed to steer the vehicle in […]

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VIDEO: Air Force JASSM ER cruise missile — No need for an ER

While I don’t usually cover the military beat, I find myself at Eglin Air Force base in Florida today, covering a variety of topics including CV-22 and F-35 simulators — and missiles — as part of a Lockheed Martin sponsored media blitz on the panhandle. We learned that the big brother of the standard JASSM […]

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West Palm Breaking News: Sikorsky X2 hits 181kt

Sikorsky reported earlier today that the X2 has reached 181kt, a key milestone in the company’s plan to test the vehicle out to 250kt, as well as the final flight in the third of four phases of testing. Time to update my table from a previous blog. Do I have to add an entry for […]

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VIDEOS: Almost vertical in the Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL

Guy Stevenson, a New Zealander who operates a fleet of Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL aircraft under the name Kiwi Air Ltd, decided to perform an intersection takeoff at the Tipton airport (KFME) in Maryland this morning. I was riding right seat in the 750shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34-powered single-engine low wing 10-seater for a jump or […]

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UPDATE: Holy Helicopters, Batman! My Sikorsky X2 faux pas

I shoulda been a bit more careful with my headline on this web story that came out today on our website: Sikorsky X2 breaks helicopter speed barrier  (click here to read it) What I meant to say in the headline was that Sikorsky had broken, with a 168kt test flight last week, what is typically […]

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Audio: Firefighters foil United 27 pilot’s stealthy wish

What’s really interesting about the picture to the left, provided to the AP by a passenger (Pamela Adlon) after the United Airlines Boeing 757 diverted to the Dulles International Airport (IAD) Sunday night en route from JFK to LAX, is that firefighters had entered the plane at all. Conversations between the aircraft’s pilots and air […]

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Chase Plane 101: Need that speed

In early May, Gulfstream found itself in a good kind of quandary – it’s new G650 ultra long range business jet began probing to its maximum speed of boundaries, but in doing so, it blew away its Gulfstream V photo chase plane, a fast machine, yet slow by comparison. “We were chasing 6001 [the first G650 […]

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Captive Carry Part Deux: SpaceShipTwo sports new fins

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo (SS2) took to the skies for a surprise (at least to the public) second captive carry test suspended beneath WhiteKnightTwo Sunday morning, almost two months after its 23 March first flight. pictured at left. Photographer Alan Radecki, up early to capture the moment, took some photos that reveal some new fins on […]

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Korea closes in on hot & high GA entry

Korea Aerospace Industries has selected a slick new propeller and governor system from Hartzell for its KC-100 four-seat, single-engine, general aviation low-wing, composite rival to the likes of the Cessna 400 Corvalis TT, Cirrus SR22-G3 turbo, Mooney Acclaim and Diamond DA50 (hope I didn’t leave out too many others). I’ve not found details on the […]

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