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NASA tests life-saving algorithms in unique “flying windtunnel”

In the emergency medical services field, experts speak of the “golden hour”, the time within which a seriously wounded patient has a better chance of survival if rushed to an emergency room. In a transport aircraft that has been upset, there is an equivalent concept when it comes to the potential for recovering control and […]

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Monkey on NASA’s Back, Part Deux

Back in January, I blogged about NASA’s somewhat controversial plans to expose squirrel monkeys to gargantuan amounts of radiation to simulate what might happen to astronauts on long space journeys. …PETA is protesting in front of various NASA sites about a study in which the space agency will expose 18 squirrel monkeys to the amount […]

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flight track _ grump UAL 56.JPG

GRUMPY OLD MEN: United pilot at SFO

Thanks to Silagi from for posting the audio of a very grumpy United Airlines A320 pilot departing the San Francisco International airport (KSFO) to Newark (KEWR) at 10:44 pm (pacific time) on 23 June (flight info from Take a listen Grumpy Old Men – UAL 56.mp3 Is it just me, or does this […]

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NASA’s easy peezey BWB squeezy

NASA is set to mass produce the airliner of the future. In a recent FedBizOps announcement, the agency’s Dryden flight research centre is asking for vendors who can build 25,000 copies of its Blended Wing Body (BWB) design, pictured at left in the form of the X-48C subscale mode. There are some caveats however. The […]

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Propjet Party: Introduction to the Pilatus PC-12NG

I recently had the chance to get some flight time in a 2010 Pilatus PC-12NG with one of the best instructors I could hope to find – Pilatus Business Aircraft chief pilot Peter Duncan. Duncan, based near Denver, was on the east coast on 20 May 2010 showing off the latest Honeywell APEX integrated avionics […]

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Flipped Stearman at DCA: Take a chill pill

While it’s important to get to the bottom of most if not all aircraft accidents, the prang by a Stearman A75 (N27WE) at Reagan National airport yesterday maybe shouldn’t have drawn as much attention as it did, all things being considered. NTSB was quick to dispatch its “A team” to the incident, given that the […]

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SpaceX Falcon 9: Close Encounters of the down-under kind

Aussie resdents from Victoria to Queensland got a big suprise early Saturday morning if they happened to be out just before dawn and were looking skyward. What first might have appeared to be a UFO was later more accurately defined as the orbital portions of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle, launched about an hour earlier […]

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EADS to wow ILA with diesel-electric hybrid helo

Word from Germany is that EADS Innovation Works, the corporate research and technology arm of EADS, will unveil at the ILA show in Berlin next week a full-scale mockup of a helicopter powered by an innovative two-stroke diesel engine as part of hybrid electric propulsion system for the vehicle. The company says such a design […]

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SpaceX Musk’s odd take on the odds of Falcon 9 success

What does the gentleman on the left in the famous clip from the movie, The Deer Hunter, have going for him that SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket does not? A better chance of success, says SpaceX CEO and entrepreneur, Elon Musk   During a Launch minus 1 day teleconference with reporters today, Musk had this to say when asked how […]

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Korean Air Boeing 777 flunked landing: Good thing it didn’t have a prop

There’s an old wives tale in the general aviation that’s actually not a wives tale at all: If you get into an oscillation on landing and don’t get out of it, the propeller will strike the ground on the “down” portion of the third up-and-down cycle. I’ve seen it happen on several occasions. Here’s the […]

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