NASA’s easy peezey BWB squeezy

NASA is set to mass produce the airliner of the future.

X-48C.jpgIn a recent FedBizOps announcement, the agency’s Dryden flight research centre is asking for vendors who can build 25,000 copies of its Blended Wing Body (BWB) design, pictured at left in the form of the X-48C subscale mode.

There are some caveats however.

The mass-produced “vehicles” must be white in colour, and must have the NASA meatball insignia and website stamped on the top.

Oh, and they also must be…. squeezy.

Yep, what NASA wants are 4.75in – 5.5in-width cuddly squeezable models, which it affectionately calls, “BWB squeezies”.

Can I have one?  






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