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OSH 2010: More OMA SUD Red Bird details

Italian airframer Oma Sud has provided me with pictures, some artist concepts, some actual hardware, of their new Red Bird two-seater. As I mentioned in the previous blog post, the all-composite aircraft will fly for the first time late in August or early September. It will be a retractable design in Europe with side-by-side seating, powered by a […]

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OSH 2010: Oma Sud aims for the blue with Red Bird LSA

Italian airframer Oma Sud (ohm-ah sude) revealed yesterday at EAA’s AirVenture that it is developing an all-composite factory-built Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) called the Red Bird that will fly for the first time late in August or early September. The aircraft will be a retractable low-wing design with side-by-side seating, powered by a 100hp Rotax […]

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OSHKOSH 2010: Terrafugia evolves Transition

Terrafugia yesterday unveiled its second generation Transition “roadable” aircraft, a more efficient design the company hopes to fly early next year and begin producing as a factory-built light sport aircraft (S-LSA) in late 2011. The proof-of-concept Transition, which first flew last year, accumulated 28 flights all of which took place over the runway and below […]

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A tranquil start to EAA AirVenture 2010

A serene Monday morning at Flight International’s rental house on Lake Winnebago is a great start to this year’s EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The team (Brendan Sobie, Jon Ostrower, Dan Webb, Tom Gordon, Jeff Decker and myself) will be cranking out three interactive Flight Daily News features starting on Tuesday. Check out the […]

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What the Fudd? No way, Cessna

Like many “old” people, I’ve debated whether I should become a Twit, aka, someone who centres their news day on Twitter, both watching the various people they “follow” or tweeting away themselves, often with wild abandon. I’ve been leaning AWAY from getting involved, largely because it’s more work and no one’s paying me any more […]

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VIDEOS: GOING BIG with the little GOBOSH 700 LSA

On 11 July, I had my first flight in a Gobosh 700 light sport aircraft (LSA). The all-metal, two-seat aircraft, made in Poland by Aero at the AT-4 exclusively for US-based Gobosh, is powered by a 100hp liquid-cooled Rotax 912ULS engine. Here’s a feature package I wrote (and assembled with DC-3 feature our test pilot […]

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FARN10: Sikorsky to fly all-electric helicopter

Sikorsky today revealed officially it has developed an all-electric 200hp (150kW) helicopter, the Firefly, that will be unveiled later this month and fly for the first time later this year. We knew it existed, but we didn’t know how far they’d progressed! Below is an artist’s conception of the vehicle provided by Sikorsky.   Based […]

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FARN10: AgustaWestland AW169 uncovered

AgustaWestland today made good a promise made in 2008, when talk of the XX9 medium light twin helicopter made the rounds at air shows. Here at the Farnborough Airshow today, the company lifted the veil on the design. The 4.5-tonne class twin helicopter is meant to challenge Eurocopter’s Dauphin and EC145 lines. While the company […]

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FARN10: AgustaWestland to unveil “new” helicopter at high noon

AgustaWestland has the show media drooling over what’s under the covers at its static display here at the Farnborough Show (photo by Dominic Perry) Before I’d seen the outline, I was hoping “new” in this case would mean a re-launched BA609 tiltrotor. AgustaWestland had been in negotiations with partner Bell Helicopter to take charge of the […]

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FARN10: Will Sikorsky reveal its electric intentions?

Sikorsky officials to date have revealed precious few details about an electric or hybrid-electric research helicopter they’ve been developing. Called the Firefly, it was revealed during the inauguration ceremony for the new Sikorsky Innovations group in February. At the time, it was described as a cooperation between sister UTC company, Hamilton Standard, and Sikorsky. During a […]

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