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Branson at V Festival: “Months not years” to SS2 in space

Absolute Radio has aired a video interview with Richard Branson from the V Festival in the UK this past weekend. Check out the Virgin Galactic Comments from 1:46 to 3:54. Branson: “Rocket testing is going on as we speak” Branson: “We’re months rather than years away from the first test flights into space” Branson: “Within two […]

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Communications ratty near Navy drone dropout zone

As reported by the New York times and other news outlets yesterday and today, a Northrop Grumman Firescout unmanned air vehicle (UAV), an unmanned helicopter to be exact, apparently strayed into the Washington DC Special Flight Restrictions Area (SFRA), a large swath of airspace around DC and formerly know as the DC ADIZ. In the picture […]

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#AUVSI: Laughter is the best policy at Denver Convention Centre

There’s a comical moving staircase in the Denver Convention Centre, giving attendees at the 2010 AUVSI conference something to smile about (after they realize the laugther isn’t directed at them!)  

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#AUVSI VIDEO: Rockwell Collins damage tolerance flight trials

Rockwell Collins has published a series of videos that show the power of its damage tolerant flight control systems. The work was done as part of the third phase of a DARPA program, with all flights taking place at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in northern Maryland.

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#AUVSI: Scenes from the Hall

Here are a few shots of the various unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) being set up in the convention hall in downtown Denver as part of this year’s Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) trade show, which starts tomorrow and runs through Friday. You can follow the action on the FlightGlobal website. Evergreen Scan Eagle […]

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