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Embraer Phenoms burning rubber

A spate of flat tyres has beset the operators of Embraer’s new light jet, the Phenom 100. The latest incident occurred on 25 September at the Williams-Gateway airport in Mesa, Arizona, involving the aircraft pictured at the bottom of the page (N644RM). According to the FAA, the pilot reported brake problems during his approach to the airport […]

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Eurocopter unveils the X3!

Eurocopter has unveiled its long awaited “X3″ technology demonstrator helicopter, a new design first hinted at (by mistake) at the 2009 Heli Expo show. Rolls-Royce made the blunder, saying they had provided an RTM 322 turboshaft engine to Eurocopter for the X3 program, after which all high ranking officials associated with the program turned white […]

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AUDIO: Sharp Delta pilot saves the day at JFK

An observant (read: Eyes outside the cockpit) Delta Airlines Boeing 757 pilot prevented what could have been a disaster late Sunday night at the JFK Airport in New York. The attached audio file, prepared by a contributor to the website, reveals that the tower had given Delta flight 122 (“Delta 122″) the Ok to move into […]

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Sikorsky X2 speed king – Facts, figures and sail fairings…

Here are some additional facts and figures that Sikorsky has provided regarding its 15 September high speed flight of the X2 technology demonstrator in Florida. To date, Sikorsky has flown the twin contra-rotating main rotor pusher for 17 flights and 16.2 flight hours. Sikorsky expects to fly four more flights before the vehicle is retired, […]

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Sikorsky X2: What’s in a N (ame)

I like trying to figure out what a manufacturer might be up to based on subtle and not-so-subtle clues. In the case of Sikorsky’s very fast X2, which hit its programme target speed of 250kt earlier this week and will go faster soon, I thought I had deducted the perfect reason for a N-number change […]

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Mini RoboSeed_small.png

RoboSeed: Mining the simplicity of the samara

University of Maryland aerospace engineering doctoral candidate, Evan Ulrich, has developed a new micro air vehicle that, like the bumble bee, should technically not be able to be flown and controlled, yet here it is. Ulrich has started a new company, RoboSeed, to market the fruits of his masters and doctoral labour. Here’s a video of […]

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AirBouyant to part with VertiPod2 Flying Platform

On the market later this month will be a truly unique, but otherwise baffling flying machine, the AirBouyant VertiPod 2 (VP2). AirBouyant bought design from Virginia-based Performance Aviation Manufacturing as the PAM 100B individual lifting vehicle in 2008, with plans to “aggressively” build and market the personal air vehicle (PAV). On its website, Indiana-based AirBouyant […]

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Has Sikorsky’s X2 seen its highest speed?

A new paper by a Sikorsky technical fellow involved in the X2 technology demonstrator program reveals that an attempt to reach 250kt (the target speed for the advancing blade concept, coaxial rotor vehicle) in August ended with significantly less.   Published by the IEEE this month, the paper, written by Thomas Lawrence (the technical fellow) and David Jenney […]

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Terrafugia building road, flight test flying cars

Roadable aircraft maker Terrafugia says it is “setting up for low-volume production” of its Transition car/light sport aircraft (LSA) as early as late 2011 in a new 19,000ft2 facility in Woburn, Massachusetts. The company unveiled its latest design at the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in July. Compared to the test aircraft, which flew […]

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UPDATE: Pictures of EADS electric Cri-Cri off the Earth

Here are some pictures just in of the diminutive Cri-Cri on the ground and in the air during its first flight in France today… Original story below. EADS says its all-electric, four-propeller Cri-Cri composite single has achieved first flight at Le Bourget airport near Paris on today. Built by EADS Innovation Works, Aero Composites Saintonge […]

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