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Silent flight, deadly flight: NTSB evaluates balloonists final sortie

Searches for balloonists Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer Davis, lost when their hydrogen-filled balloon likely encountered over the Adriatic Sea the morning of 29 September, turned up zilch. A preliminary report by the US NTSB on the accident shows that the sport most people think of as soft and silent can sometimes turn polar opposite. Abruzzo and Rymer Davis, […]

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SOURCE: Cessna is flying mystery turboprop, but CHILL OUT!

Ok. I admit that I too got caught up on the frenzy that only a new aeroplane (or a woman in boots) can stir up at the NBAA show in Atlanta last week. This time it’s a mystery high-speed turboprop said to fill the gap between the piston Corvalis TT and the twin-engine VLJ Mustang. Heck, I […]

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PICTURES: NTSB reveals Teterboro short-field landing prang details

What’s up with corporate pilots and their attempts at ultra short-field landings? First we had a Cessna 550 pilot trying to land on the remaining 2,100ft of runway at Manteo, North Carolina at 8:30 in the morning on 1 October. We all know what happened there.. Later the same day, at 1:30 in the afternoon, a […]

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Chute Alors! What is Cirrus thinking???

UPDATE: Ok, as of late this afternoon, now I know what Cirrus is thinking. See end of story… Far below the radar, Cirrus has apparently been making its own airframe parachute systems since May this year… The trademark Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), shown above in an actual deployment (from the Cirrus website) and which recently saved lives in […]

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VIDEO and NTSB REPORT: Follow up on Cessna takes a swim

The NTSB has published its prelminary report on the Cessna 550 that plunged into the shallow water off the end of a too-short runway at the Dare County regional airport in Manteo, NC on 1 October. I put out a short blog on this earlier in the week. “Examination of the airplane by a Federal […]

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Pictures: Cirrus joins the Coanda contingent

I had my first good look at the Cirrus SF50 Vision jet’s tail pipe  the evening of 6 October 2010 at an owners gathering in Manassas, Virginia. Like Piper (click here for previous post), Cirrus has selected a passive Coanda tail pipe for its Williams International  FJ33-4A-19-powered single-engine personal jet. Like Piper, the company wanted to […]

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Cessna takes a swim in North Carolina

A Cessna 550 Citation jet (N262Y) registered to Colnan Inc ran off the end of a runway at the Dare County regional airport in Manteo, NC on Friday. According to the FAA incident report, there were two people on board and neither was injured. Here’s a clip from the local news station covering.

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