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SLIDESHOW: Accident as Art

Painful as wrecked aeroplanes are to behold, there’s an artform in the lines and curves that beset our fallen angels. Below is slideshow of 2010 accidents that I found artful in some way. Information was supplied by the US National Transportation Safety Board. Hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays, John Croft

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Kestrel landing BNAS 12 16 10.jpg

PICTURES: Recycling Klapmeier gets one step closer to home

Alan Klapmeier is one step closer to being in the business of making aeroplanes. His recycled aircraft, the JP-10 Kestrel, is now at home at a recycled airport - Naval Air Station Brunswick in Maine. The general aviation visionary, best known for bringing the Cirrus Aircraft company to life with his brother, Dale, is now the […]

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WestJet prang 1.JPG

Leroy and JB’s excellent adventure; WestJet’s nightmare

When you pair up two guys named Leroy and JB, you’re probably asking for an interesting afternoon of just “plain” fun. Inject a lavatory service truck and a WestJet Boeing 737 in the gate at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport on 29 October however, and you got…. ramp rash. Credit: NTSB An ongoing investigation by the […]

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#MEBA10: Winglets 101

Walking the ramp here at the Dubai International airport on the eve of the Middle East Business Aviation (MEBA) show, I happened on a good example to show the difference between blended winglets and elliptical winglets. Blended winglets are the intellectual property via patent law of Seattle-based Aviation Partners.. Elliptical Winglets are the intellectual property via patent […]

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Terrafugia for Christmas.JPG

Flying Car stocking stuffer: Smart Sleigh or Scroogey Scrooged

I was somewhat surprised when the latest holiday catalogue by clever gadget supplier, Hammacher Schlemmer, came in from the mailbox with this on the cover… such Inside the mag, right there on page 14, next to the $199.95 voice activiated R2-D2, is the Transition, a ”roadable” aircraft being built by Woburn, Massachusetts-based Terrafugia For $350,000, you get a […]

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