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VIDEO: PART 2 of Upset Recovery 101 at APS

Here’s the second installation of the training that Flight International test pilot Mike Gerzanics took with Mesa, Arizona-based APS. In this 9-minutes installment, Gerzanics samples the “zoom maneuver”, “all-attitude” handling and roll-damping demonstration. Click here for Part 1 of our coverage of the Upset Recovery program.

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Unlit Towering Inferno: Heat turns up on FAA request for comments

A 5 January request by the FAA for comments on a proposal to modify an existing Advisory Circular became significantly more serious on 10 January. On that day in Oakley, California, an ag pilot lost his life after hitting an unmarked gray-coloured meteorological tower meant to collect wind data. Here’s a picture of Rockwell International […]

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SPT#2: You mess with the bull….

STP#2 – You mess with the bull, you get the horn Warning: This SPT, involving a Robinson R44 helicopter (and yes, a bull…) does not have a happy ending for anyone involved. The Robinson R44, like its smaller brother, the R22, is a very versatile and hardy helicopter. Problem is, some operators become so comfortable […]

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VIDEO: Upset Recovery 101 at APS

Upset Recovery, or lack thereof, would appear to be the culprit in a growing number of aviation crashes, not least important of which is the Colgan Air Q400 nightmare scenario in Buffalo, New York back in 2009. With that recognition, KLM Airlines is the first carrier to institute mandatory Upset Recovery Training (URET) to its […]

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LTBA#1: Hitting the broad side of a barn

As a corollary to my recently launched Stupid Pilot Tricks (SPT) blog series, I’m also starting a Lucky To Be Alive (LTBA) Series as I’m quite amazed at how people survive what otherwise look to be unsurvivable accidents. Based on words and pix from the US National Transportation Safety Board.  Here’s #1   LTBA#1: Hitting the broad side of […]

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BIZJET WARS: Gulfstream trolling for Canucks

Gulfstream will be trolling the Canadian waters of Toronto and Montreal during the first week of February for aerospace engineers “with at least 5 years experience”. According to a Linked in blast earlier this week, the Savannah, Georgia-based manufacturer of ultra-elite business jets, including the new G650, wants to “meet with individuals that have interest […]

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Stupid Pilot Tricks #1 – With friends like these…

You can’t make this stuff up, really. This is a the first in a new series I’m calling ”Stupid Pilot Tricks” that will be based on recent NTSB accident and incident reports. SPT#1: With friends like these, who needs enemies? Nevada-based pilot and flight instructor Earl Griffin, 70, thought he’d say “hellow” to his buddy Dave, […]

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Bond lives on at rebranded Jamaica airport

Jamaica tomorrow (Wednesday) will open its second “new” airport in as many months, at the same time paying homage to a novelist who boosted the tourist nation’s cachet. Ian Fleming international airport, formerly known as Boscobel Aerodrome, lies several kilometres from Goldeneye, where Fleming wrote all 14 of his James Bond books, according to Fleming’s web site. The photo […]

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VIDEOS: Flight International flies the Robinson R66

Flight International helicopter test pilot Peter Gray (left in picture) got the goods on the new Rolls-Royce turboshaft-powered Robinson R66 on 5 January at Robinson’s home airport in Torrance, California. After an air-to-air photography mission (with yours truly in shooting pix from the back seat of an R44), chief test pilot Doug Tompkins (right in […]

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Robinson considered compound R44

Frank Robinson says he studied a compound version of the piston-powered four-seat R44 Raven helicopter, but ultimately dropped the idea. “It’ll work, but it didn’t give me the improvement in efficiency or performance in the speed range I wanted,” he says. I was fortunate to spend 15 minutes with Robinson yesterday afternoon. The helicopter industry […]

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