BIZJET WARS: Gulfstream trolling for Canucks

Trolling for Canucks.jpg

Gulfstream will be trolling the Canadian waters of Toronto and Montreal during the first week of February for aerospace engineers “with at least 5 years experience”.

According to a Linked in blast earlier this week, the Savannah, Georgia-based manufacturer of ultra-elite business jets, including the new G650, wants to “meet with individuals that have interest in exploring opportunities with our company”. In particular, Gulfer is looking for engineers with “electrical and mechanical systems engineering talent”.

Them are likely to be fightin’ words up North.

Toronto and Montreal are home turf for Gulfstream’s greatest rival, Bombardier, which itself just launched two ultra long-range competitors to the G650, the Global 7000 and Global 8000. Gulfstream has been rumoured to be designing all-new jets to replace the upper echelon of its twin-jet family, a move that would seem to necessitate hiring more engineers. 

A contact at Bombardier told me it certainly sounded like a case of poaching. 

A contact at Gulfstream didn’t know the specifics of the recruiting drive, but thought a meeting in Canada in February might net engineers looking to live the luxuriously warm  Savannah. Who could blame them! 


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