VIDEO: Upset Recovery 101 at APS

APS-Cockpit-Overbank.jpgUpset Recovery, or lack thereof, would appear to be the culprit in a growing number of aviation crashes, not least important of which is the Colgan Air Q400 nightmare scenario in Buffalo, New York back in 2009.

With that recognition, KLM Airlines is the first carrier to institute mandatory Upset Recovery Training (URET) to its pilot traineers at the KLM Academy in Phoenix, Arizona through nearby Aviation Performance Solutions (APS). Here’s the link to a story I wrote about it last week.

We have a good bit of insight into what that training will look like, thanks to a trip to APS by our test pilot Mike Gerzanics back in September. Included here is the first in what will be a series of four or five YouTube clips detailing Mike’s flight experience at APS.

Video 1 includes APS’s five-stage stall recovery (PUSH-POWER-RUDDER-ROLL-CLIMB) process as well as the “falling leaf” maneuver.

Video 2 will cover the “zoom” maneuver, all-attitude maneuvering and positive and negative roll damping.

Hope you enjoy. Sorry about the crappy audio quality – my fault, not APS’s.


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