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Phenom 100: On the scene, like a sex machine?

A communal sense that the Embraer Phenom 100 business jet is a sexy machine has been largely notional… until now. In a request to the FAA filed recently, a pilot in the State of Massachusetts is asking for an exemption to the Part 91 rules that limit flights for charity to a 25 statute mile radius […]

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Happy ending, but no way to land a Sikorsky S-92 helibus

A preliminary incident report, filed yesterday, reveals a hairy landing for the pilots of a Bistrow Sikorsky S-92A oil rig transport helicopter in Louisiana on 19 January. A mechanical issue presented itself to the crew of three onboard N920L as it returned its 15 passengers to the Air Logistics Galliano heliport (2LS0) in Galliano, Louisiana from […]

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Student Pilot Prang: Down and out in Corsicana

A student pilot on 24 January learned the hard way about the one force of nature that most affects each and every pilot on just about each and every flight – the wind. After a carefully planning his mission with his instructor, the student pilot departed the Fort Worth Spinks airport (FWS) in Texas in […]

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LTBA#2: Grounding a smoking Cessna

This is the second in my new “Lucky To Be Alive” (LTBA) series. Exceptional piloting and a bit of luck (or perhaps devine intervention) allowed a flight instructor and his “student” to walk away from this downed Cessna 172RG near the Richard Lloyd Jones, Jr. Airport (RVS) in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 28 September 2010. An excerpt from […]

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GUEST ENTRY: Alaina gets XOs from XOJet

Here is a guest entry from Philadelphia-based freelance writer, Alaina Mabaso, who sampled XOJet’s helicopter transfer and WiFi-equipped Challenger 300 business jets in New York on 3 February.   Thirty minutes to travel a couple New York City blocks by car? No worse than waiting for the bus during my usual travels.  But today, I’m […]

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