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Birdstrike heard ’round the world wide web

As incident reports go, a preliminary report filed by the FAA on 27 April about a bird strike the day before wasn’t at all extraordinary, and it’s typical of several such reports that show up on a weekly basis: AIR WISCONSIN FLIGHT 4091 CANADAIR CRJ200 AIRCRAFT, ON LANDING ROLLOUT, STRUCK A LARGE BIRD, NO INJURIES, […]

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Fuselage hole - Dubuque Iowa.JPG

Jet Bridge to No-Fare: Ms. Potter’s wild ride

The valiant efforts by the Dawn Potter and the ground crew working the departure of Chautauqua Airlines flight 5019 from Dubuque, Iowa to Chicago O’Hare on a windy morning of 3 April were in vain. Potter was at the controls of a jetbridge that unbeknownst to her, was being controlled not by the dials in […]

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Fortuitous timing of FAA widespread fatigue damage doc

The document to the left was in my “in box” on 7 April, one week after a Southwest Boeing 737-300 experienced rapid decompression after a large section of its cabin crown ripped away in flight. The suspected cause? Widespread Fatigue Damage (WFD), a problem that started near the fuselage lap joints. What’s a lap joint? Funny you […]

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Hot pilot map.JPG

AUDIO: Cal Controller – Cool dude or chauvanist pig?

An an air traffic control audio tape that surfaced on 4 April from makes public what so many male pilots (not me, of course…) think or say in private any time they hear a sexy voice on the frequency. Unfortunately, for this controller, the cat’s out of the bag. The action involves a Learjet 60 […]

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