A day in the life — Prepping to drop an H-TWO-OH bomb with Conair

See what it’s like to prepare for a “bombing” run with pilots of British Columbia-based Conair in a Convair CV580 twin turboprop. Flight International spent the day of 4 April with the Conair’s team as the company prepared to send its 70 pilots and nearly 50 aircraft out to operating bases around Canada and Alaska.

The story will be part of a larger aerial firefighting feature to run in the 7 June Flight International magazine.

In the video clip below, Conair CV580 instructor and check pilot Chris Baldwin (left) and CV580 pilot Jeff Brousseau prepare for a practice 2,100 gallon water drop at the Abbotsford international airport, part of training mission that will also include IFR practice. Conair’s fire season generally starts on 1 May and runs through September.


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