Just when I needed it, GA came through

Given the hurdles facing general aviation (GA) as we head into another Oshkosh season, I was feeling quite negative on the outlook for the future — Then came an unexpected invitation from Pete Merski to join him for a special flight.

I like Pete and I like his aeroplane – a hot red and white low-wing Polish import called the Gobosh 700. I savour any opportunity to fly the Gobosh, but this flight came with two bonuses: crystal clear, low humidity VFR weather in Washington in late June, an unusual combination, and a payload of five 5 puppies…

Not just any puppies, these were rescued pups that Pete had picked up from North Carolina the week before and was to deliver to Long Island for adoption. After a great two- hour hop at altitudes as high as 9,500ft that lofted us over the crowed Class B airspace in Philadelphia and New York, we let down at Brookhaven Airport on Long Island.

That’s where my faith in general aviation was restored.

Walking out to the plane when we parked were, literally, dozens of men, women and children overjoyed to see us, well, to see what we brought.

Seemingly unencumbered by the bad news and daily trials and tribulations that drag most of us in Washington down, this group was able to see only the pure good that GA brought them. Their pleasure, and the enduring goodwill of a bunch of GA pilots, satisfied one writer’s need to see the bright side of aviation.


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