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Mystery aviator at large in Maine

I don’t have a picture for the prang I’m about to tell you about, but if I had to guess what it might have looked like just before impact, I’d use this one from Russia… See what you think. The NTSB yesterday put up a preliminary report about a bizarre accident in Monmouth, Maine on […]

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Losing Lopes in Los Banos

Three things impress me about 40-year-old agricultural helo pilot Brandon Adeal of Turlock, California. One – Adeal received only minor injuries in an early morning crash on 21 August as he sprayed a cantaloupe field near Los Banos. According to Adeal and the NTSB preliminary report, the main rotor of his Soloy turbine-powered Bell 47G-4 […]

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Russian TsAGI: Spinning the fuselage to save fuel

Russian aerodynamicists at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) are studyingan unusual design concept that they say can cut fuel burn by as much as 10%.  In an 8September press release, TsAGI shows a picture of the “fuselage in the form of a rotating body with a tail propeller” in the institute’s low-speed wind tunnel, where […]

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Florida man cheats death in Frostproof crash

Judging by the pictures and explanation of the aftermath of his 5 August crash, 71 year-old Lynn Nelsen of Frostproof, Florida must be one tough, lucky cookie. Nelsen was trying to takeoff that day from a grass strip at the Lake Clinch Airpark in N13LN, an Arion Lightning low-wing, single-engine light sport aircraft when he apparently […]

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Scaled Composites Skids Warthogish Model 151

The FAA reports that Scaled Composites’ Model 151 Ares (N151SC) landed gear-up at the company’s home base in Mojave, California yesterday (7September), though the pilot was not injured and damage is listed as “minor”. No other information or pictures are available as of yet. The more interesting question is – what is Scaled, now ownedby […]

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Pilot, not design, will take heat for Cessna Skycatcher prang

August 1 marked the first crash of an in-service Cessna C162 Skycatcher, and from all indications, it’s the pilot’s fault and not the design of the demure two-seat light sport aircraft that Cessna builds in China. I flew it back in 2009 and filed this report and this video. The Skycatcher during spin testing in the […]

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