Mystery aviator at large in Maine

screwy airplane.jpgI don’t have a picture for the prang I’m about to tell you about, but if I had to guess what it might have looked like just before impact, I’d use this one from Russia…

See what you think.

The NTSB yesterday put up a preliminary report about a bizarre accident in Monmouth, Maine on 18 August. Details are typically given about the aircraft at the top of the report, but in this case, aircraft make and model are listed as “unknown, unknown” and registration tail number, “none”. We do know the unlicensed “pilot”, who you will see later is either a wily rascal or evil villain or both, was not injured.

Here’s what went down, as told by the hapless neighbor who fate descended upon, so to speak.

“A witness stated he was mowing his grass when the airplane crashed in his front yard,” the NTSB says. “The pilot exited the airplane and instructed him not to notify the police”.

“The pilot departed and returned a short time later with another individual and a forklift.”

The gentlemen apparently took the airplane to a storage facility, “without authorization from law enforcement, Federal Aviation Administration, or the Safety Board”.

Later, an FAA inspector went to said storage facility, and voila, no airplane!

The pilot too has disappeared, or as NTSB formally puts it, “attempts to locate the pilot have been unsuccessful.”


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