Scaled Composites Skids Warthogish Model 151

Scaled Model 151.jpg

The FAA reports that Scaled Composites’ Model 151 Ares (N151SC) landed gear-up at the company’s home base in Mojave, California yesterday (7September), though the pilot was not injured and damage is listed as “minor”. No other information or pictures are available as of yet.

The more interesting question is – what is Scaled, now ownedby Northrop Grumman, doing with the Warthog-like experimentally certifieddemonstrator?

Flightglobal most recently wrote about the aircraft in 2008,when Graham Warwick noted: 

“Model 151 Ares, designed in the late 1980s to meet a US Army request for a low-cost attack aircraft, has been spotted on the move again at Mojave airport in California. First flown in 1990, and powered by a single Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D turbofan, the Ares was designed around its 25mm gatling gun and has an unusual asymmetric configuration with the inlet on the left side. Scaled, which is now owned by Northrop Grumman, appears to be using the all-composite Ares as a research testbed. The aircraft, seen with a dorsal radome, open side panel and large underwing box fairings.


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