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Air Tractor and the Thanksgiving blessing

That Brent Hampton will spend Thanksgiving on Thursday with his wife and newborn son in Portageville, Missouri, at all is testament to the toughness of an Air Tractor. I’m not promoting the company, I’m just amazed for the second time this month at the ability of this metal workhorse to give pilots a second chance. […]

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These boots are made for walkin, not flyin

While it took the Waco Classic Aircraft Corporation months to construct John Weber’s beautitful brand new Waco YMF-F5C (N415WW, s/n F5C-8-126), as shown in this time-lapse video on YouTube, it took Weber only seconds to deconstruct it in Moriarty, New Mexico on 16 October. Weber and a passenger, one Charles Conquergood, were on a long […]

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Air Tractor – Built to serve and protect

I would not like to be a participant in an aircraft crash, but if I were forced to do so, I’d want to be riding in an Air Tractor. Exhibit One: A healthy stream of comments, many by ag pilots, to my YouTube post about the landing crash of a militarized AT-802U variant in October 2010 have […]

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YouTube Find: A Piper Salesman in the Making?

Piper Aircraft may have second thoughts about its shelving of the Altaire single-engine business jet once they see this video. Of course, by the time this lad gets out of college, the market might just about be ready for the product.

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VIDEO: e-volo flies first manned electric multicopter

German company e-volo says it has successfully flown its manned 16-rotor electric multicopter in the southwest of Germany in “late October”. Test pilot Thomas Senkel flew the fly-by-wire copter for 90 seconds for the flight. According to the company: The automatic attitude and directional control are taken care of by multiple separate and mutually monitoring […]

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O’Grady’s “Oh Sh#$” Saturday

Kevin O’Grady of Dublin, Ohio probably wished he had been in the other Dublin on Saturday, October 15 rather than at Packer Field (5E9) trying to fly his 1964 Piper PA28-235 (N8746W). Unable to start the low-wing single the usual way (battery ON, mixture RICH, prime, pump throttle, yell “CLEAR”, engage ignition switch), O’Grady decided […]

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